Bedroom Balcony

A bedroom balcony will not only increase your home’s value, but it will give you a new space to relax, take in the fresh air, and enjoy the view.

Watch the Balcony Build

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Starting the Build

For this project, the customer wanted the new build to fit seamlessly into the home’s aesthetic. A gable roof was built to match the existing roof. Additionally, gutters were installed to redirect the rainwater and protect the structure from water damage.

Replacing the Windows with Doors

The best placement for the new french doors with sidelights was where the windows were previously located. This replacement was more cost effective than making a new opening in the wall. With the glass panels on the doors and the additional sidelights, the room does not loose any natural light.

Bedroom Balcony Columns

The stone and round columns were built to match the existing columns in other areas of the house. The round columns were special ordered. The stone columns were built to match the dimensions of the other columns and the stone was matched as well.

Bedroom Balcony Features

Lighting The customer chose to install a chandelier as the main lighting of the balcony. Additionally, two sconces were installed on either side of the doors to provide more focused lighting in the sitting areas.

Electrical Outlets Whether you need to charge your phone or connect your speakers, having outdoor outlets will allow you to spend more time outdoors. Although this space can be used to relax, it can also be used as a workspace when you feel to closed in inside.

Metal Railing This metal railing was custom made to match other areas of the house and fit the exact dimensions of the balcony. With railings, safety comes first and all of our work is built up to code.

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