Townhome Bathroom Remodel

Make your bathroom into a relaxing and enjoyable space. For this townhome bathroom remodel, our team began by covering the area surrounding the workspace with plastic to prevent dust from going into other areas of the home. Additionally, we protected the floors which led to the workspace with heavy duty construction paper to prevent scratches and stains. Then, our team carried out the full demolition of the townhome bathroom.

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Shower & Bathtub Remodel

For the townhome bathroom remodel, our team installed the bathtub. The customer utilized this remodel as an opportunity to get a tub they could actually fully soak in. For the shower tile, the customer requested that tile wall be brought up all the way to the ceiling. This small decision makes a huge difference as it gives the space a more spacious appearance. Additionally, we built a niche to provide space for shower essentials without the need to hang a shower caddy. For the shower faucets, our team updated the plumbing to install the wall mount shower head and the hand shower faucet.

Townhome Bathroom Vanity

For the vanity and toilet area, the customer chose more modern and aesthetic materials and fixtures. For example, the electrical services were updated to install the mirror which features a light that runs along the edge. Additionally, our team installed the flating vanity which helps the space feel more spacious.

Townhome Bathroom Barn Door

Our team replaced the door to the bathroom with a five panel glass barn door. There are many things to consider when installing a barn door.

  • Adequate Structural Support: It is of vital importance that the track be installed to align with standard wall-stud spacing so that it is properly secured.
  • Space: Be mindful of the location of the switches, air vents, and outlets. The space where the door will slide to open should be empty. If not, our team can relocate these.
  • Dimensions: The door should be tall enough to hang 1/2 inch above the floor and wide enough to go beyond the doorway one to two inches

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