Deck Remodel & Stain

Looking to give your deck a fresh new look or need to remodel so that your deck is structurally safe? Easier Remodeling can remodel and stain your deck. Complete tear downs are not always necessary. Most of the time, full demolitions are the customer’s choice and opportunity to change the size and shape of the deck.

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Before the Deck Remodel

As can be seen below, this deck was built almost 25 years ago and was in need of some repairs.

Deck Demolition

This deck was inspected and the issues found were addressed. During your estimate appointment, we will examine your deck and let you know what areas need to be addressed. This can save you time and money by avoiding unnecessary repairs.

Deck Remodel In Progress

For this project, the main deck floor, stairs, and railing were replaced.

Deck Stair Landing

These stair landings were framed out and the pebbles from below the deck were continued. Additionally, pavers were added to complete the look.

Concrete Stair Landing

Another option for stair landings is using concrete. This is a great option for when the stairs finish at an uneven or unlevel area in the ground. A concrete pad will allow for a more sturdy and even landing for the stairs.

Deck Stairs and Second Level Floor

With this remodel, the customer chose to have the new railings built with round aluminum balusters. Although these are more expensive upfront than wood balusters, aluminum balusters are strong and withstand rust.

Deck Stain After Remodel

Applying stain is not only an opportunity to enhance your deck’s appearance, but it also protects your deck from absorbing moisture which ultimately leads to rot.

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