Door Entry Repair

Your door entry is the first thing that your friends and family see when they come to visit you. Be sure your home gives a good first impression and repair your door entry if its rotten.

Before Door Entry Repair

For the project below, the front entry previously had stone that had since fallen off. This led to the exposure of the wood frame below which was affected by rott.

Before Door Entry Repair

After Rotten Wood Repair

The customer chose to repair the issue with wood instead of using stone.

After Door Entry Repair

What can you do to improve your front entrance?

  • Lighting. Consider adding outdoor sconces or even a chandelier. These will not only enhance your home’s appearance, but will help deter burglars who are looking for an access point. Lighting will alert them to the possibility of the owners being inside and will bring attention to any neighbors who may notice the unsual activity in your newly well lit area.
  • Sidelights. Need more natural light in your front entry, but do not want to sacrifice your privacy or security? With sidelights, you can get both. With etched and frosted glass, there are many designs to choose from that still offer the privacy you want.
  • Portico. A portico will protect your door from the weather elements that through the years will damage your door. Not only will it protect your home, but it will also protect you as well when you are trying to get in or out of the house in the rain (Read More).
  • Stair Railing. Whether they are wood or metal, railings provide safety for you and your guests. Railings will provide stability for those who struggle to keep their balance in general, but especially for times of inclement weather such as rain or snow.
  • Front Door. Replacing your front door is the fastest way to improve your front entry. There are so many materials, designs, and colors to choose from.
  • Pressure Wash. Quick and on a budget, pressure washing your home can give it a fresh new look.

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