Shelving Around the Fireplace

There are many reason to remodel the shelving around the fireplace. Whether you are doing it for aesthetic reasons or looking to get more storage, we are here to make your project much easier.

For this specific project, we began with the demolition of the shelving around the fireplace in the living room. Then, we moved on to the construction of the new shelving. Our team cut the drywall in the top area to extend the shelving and allow aesthetic pieces to be properly displayed.

We Protect Your Home

At Easier Remodeling, we understand that you are still living in your home. We do the best to keep you comfortable and safe. Our team moves the furniture in the project area and protects it with plastic. Additionally, we will cover your floors to keep our tools or materials from damaging it.

Drywall and Custom Shelving

Additionally, the electrical outlets were moved to accomodate the new shelving. In the areas where the drywall was cut in order to make space for the custom shelving, the drywall was repaired. Then, our team started building the custom shelving.

When you hire us, your project will be much easier because we provide all the services needed from start to finish. Other companies specialize in just one area. This means that you wil be dealing with multiple contractors trying to get them all on the same page.

Our team did the shiplap wall panel installation above the fireplace to provide an aesthetic view. According to Katie Holdefehr, “Nowadays, the shiplap trend is more about form than function. It infuses a home with nautical or rustic style and can make a space feel cozy.” (Real Simple).

The final step in this project is the coat of paint and the reinstallation of the electronics. Our team will leave your home clean and also move your furniture back in to place.

Final Result of Shelving Around the Fireplace

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